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Guest Blog - Hello Beautiful Organic Baby Nursery!

We've recently been chatting to Anna, the owner of Sweet Little Dreams about creating a beautiful, organic baby nursery.  Here's what she had to say...

"Are you ready to create a beautiful nursery filled with Organic options?

You’re having a baby! What wonderful news.

I’m Anna and I’m the owner of Sweet Little Dreams – a nursery décor and baby essentials online store helping beautiful mama’s create a space for their baby they can be proud of!

I’m going to show you how easy it is to create a space for your baby that’s full of organic products.

If you want to create a nursery that’s sustainable using products that are organic and ethically made, we can help!  I can show you that it’s not hard to create a beautiful space filled with amazing, on trend baby products that will stand the test of time.  Here are a few of our favourite products from our store.

Baby Change Basket
It’s no news that these gorgeous baskets by Olli Ella are one of the best selling products on the market.  Why?  Not only are these a practical solution for new mum’s, but they’re also ethically made and handwoven using seagrass and natural fibres.  Also Olli Ella are a gorgeous brand and always ensure their products are produced in an ethical environment while providing excellent craftsmanship.  
So it comes as no surprise that the Nyla Change Basket or the Reva are so popular.  Goodbye bulky change table and hello change basket!  These are also great if you’re short on space and living in an apartment or townhouse.  Simply sit these on a dresser or slide them under the cot for easy storage.  Don’t forget to also add the organic cotton insert so your baby is comfy when she/he is lying down.

Baby Change Basket

Muslin Wraps
I think it goes without saying that every baby owns a muslin wrap. The first thing you do once a baby is born is wrap her to mimic her time in the womb.  Our range of organic muslin wraps are soft and gentle for your newborns skin and also make great gift ideas. Coming in a variety of colours and patterns, muslin wraps are also perfect if you’re breastfeeding or as a blanket in the Summer months. They also make great covers for a pram to shield the sun or the wind from your baby.
With the earthy tones being so huge at the moment in the baby scene, our range of colours such as bronze, olive or vanilla are by far the most popular.  The best thing is about these tones, they’re unisex so you can use them for your next bub!   

Muslin Wrap

Cot Quilts
Once your baby is older, a cosy quilt is perfect for the cooler months. Our Cam Cam range of organic cot quilts are so beautiful that you’ll want to keep these forever!  This range is GOTS certified which means that it’s recognised by the textile industry as being 100% certified organic.  This range is gentle on baby’s skin and not only do they look beautiful in a cot, they also look great doubled as a mat under a play gym!  Now there’s a great way to save money and use a product in two different ways.  This gorgeous Danish range also produce organic certified décor pieces like mobiles and wall hangings.  Which brings me to my last nursery recommendation...

Baby Mobiles
Have you ever tried to change a baby and arms and legs are going everywhere? One way to keep your little one distracted is by our range of organic nursery mobiles and wall hangings.  Once again, Cam Cam have a range of these classical pieces ranging from balloons to clouds.  How sweet to have a rainbow mobile hanging over a cot with silver raindrops glistening in the light?  Not only is this soothing for a baby but looks great too!  Some of our mobiles also play a beautiful tune that’s sure to captivate him.  Our organic range of mobiles come in a variety of different styles – balloons, rainbows and even a gorgeous peacock.

Baby Mobile

I hope I’ve helped you on your journey to decorate your first or maybe even your second nursery.  Styling a nursery can be overwhelming so if at any time you need suggestions or recommendations, I am always here to help!
Good luck with your project!

Owner of Sweet Little Dreams
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