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Which Eco Tan Fake Tan should you use?

All your questions have been answered by Eco Tan Founder Sonya Driver herself.

Q1: 0:00-2:42 What is the difference between all of the different tans?

Q2: 2:42-2:53 I have very pale skin, which tanning product shall I use?

Q3: 2:54-3:24 I just bought the Face Tan Water - what is the best way to apply it?

Q4: 3:25- 3:51 When using your tanning mouse do you apply it to your face and neck or would you leave that and use the face tan instead?

Q5: 3:52-5:26 What’s the best way to prepare your skin for a tan? Q6: 5:26-6:03 What is the best way to apply the tan all over?

Q7: 6:04-6:48 Where does my Face Tan Water fit in my skin care routine, how does it work the best?

Q8: 6:49-7:39 Can I leave the tanning mousse on for more than the recommended time for a darker tan or will it stop developing after four hours?

Q9: 7:40-7:56 What is the source of the DHA used in EcoTan products?

Q10: 7:57-8:40 Will washing/showering strip tan?

Q11: 8:42-9:18 I love the salt scrub but sometimes I have difficulty getting out of the tube ? Skin Care Questions

Q12: 9:21-10:11 Will Glory Oil strip my tan? 

Q13: 10:12-10:37 Does Glory Oil work on all scars? 

Q14: 10:38-11:25 What does Face Compost do and what is it made of?

Q15: 11:26-11:57 Will the 3 Step Collection be good for acne prone skin?

Q16: 11:58-12:13 How often should I use the 3 Step Care System?

Q17: 12:14-12:33 Face Tan Water & Glory Oil, how do I use these two products together? General Questions

Q18: 12:34-13:30 Are all of your products safe during pregnancy?

Q19: 13:31-15:08 What is the difference between an antiperspirant and your Coconut Deodorant?

Q20: 15:09-15:13 How long do your products last after opening?

Q21: 15:14- 16:16 Is the Coconut Body Milk good for eczema?