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5 Ways to Relieve Muscle Pain Naturally

Muscle pain is often not something we can ignore.  Whether it’s from an endorphin pumping workout or overexertion from lack of use, sore muscles need our attention and they need it now!

In the past, anti-inflammatories have been used to reduce discomfort.  However nowadays people are choosing to help their sore muscles naturally.  We’re going to share five popular ways you can do this too.

5 Methods of Relieving Muscle Pain Naturally

Overuse, misuse and underuse will cause sore and achy muscles, but did you realise that using your muscles correctly also can?  It’s normal to have some muscle pain after physical exercise as the resulting inflammation is how your body rebuilds and heals itself.  If your soreness is extreme, or more than you would be expecting for what you have done, please see your doctor immediately.

We are not doctors, so cannot offer medical advice.  What we can suggest though are five well-known and common methods people have used to help improve mild muscle pain.

  1. A warm bath – a great way to boost your circulation and relieve discomfort is to soak in a warm bath.  Adding Epsom salts is said to aide this process.
  2. Use anti-inflammatories – we’re not talking about medicine, but rather food. Foods which have known anti-inflammatory benefits include cherries, pineapples, salmon and green leafy vegetables.  It sounds like smoothie time!
  3. Muscle rubs – our Kawakawa Balm is ideal for using as a gentle deep heat muscle balm on sore muscles.  Kawakawa oil has been used for many years as a natural medicine and this balm helps soothe sporting sprains and aches.  You could also try the Kawakawa Natural Deep Heat Massage Oil as an alternative to the balm.
  4. Drink plenty of water – being hydrated is very important in the prevention and improvement of sore muscles.  Being dehydrated can cause sore muscles, as water is needed to keep them in top condition and working well.
  5. Keep moving – it sounds counter-intuitive, but gentle movements such as walking or doing stretches can help soothe sore arm and leg muscles.  This helps reduce tension, stiffness and stop yourself ‘setting’ in one position.  Prevention is far better than cure, so remember to take the time to complete a thorough warm-up before you start any exercise to reduce the chance of muscle soreness and injury.
Kawakawa Rotorua - Kawakawa & Dandelion Balm

Kawakawa Rotorua - Kawakawa & Dandelion Balm

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